with no backstage info?

What question resonates with you?

Do you feel, you haven't found solution yet? That's not your failure. 

Nowadays, the courage to decide anything important alone is seen randomly. Thus, the number of decision-makers is rising dramatically.  Yes, it's an alibi. Just in case I need to blame others too.
The corporation is almost a dirty word and the sale to corporations is not as interesting as the e-shop.

Trends in innovations? Fail fast. But what if - for whatever reason - you simply can't fail?

For example because you don't want to loose hard earned money? Or your tight budget?

Not having time to stop and think what would be best for you? Do you know anyone having it?

Sure. You can google all solutions. There are thousands of resources.
Unfortunately, they often contradict each other.

What if you just found someone, who has personal experience, will listen to you, pass
verified information to you and help you find your answers?


Let's accelerate together


of each healthy and profitable company



Only sales brings money into business



Only innovation keeps us ahead of compentition



People are base
for your success

This will help us



  • When your sale lasts
    months or years

  • When your counterparty sees the purchase as a high risk

  • When you need to negotiate with more decision-makers

  • When you have to participate in multi criteria tender

  • When you tried everything and you don't know what else

Customer driven


  • When you have a great idea
    and you don't know what to do with it

  • When your ideas are not meeting clients' expectations

  • When return on innovation investments is too long

  • When you need to speed up your innovations and get ahead of competition

Coaching. Mentoring

Mastermind groups

  • When you want to build a team out of strong individuals

  • When you need to stop, take a breath and look around

  • When you need to help with professional or personal stuff

  • When you are looking for someone to learn from

  • When you want to share experience with others

What will it bring you?

Understanding your customers' background in details
Winning their long-term trust and loyalty
Acceleration of your sale and innovations
Increase of your and your team's performance
Adaptation to quickly changing business conditions
Resistance to your competition and crisis

You'll get great, healthy and profitable business
you and your team will enjoy working for


Verified experience


4 continents, where I have

collected my experience


which I have personally sold,

managed or coached


in complex sales, customer driven innovations and education

Tested on humans


Mám všeobecnou nedůvěru ke všemožným poraděnkům, kteří určitě vědí, jak máme dělat svou práci lépe, jinak a radostněji - ale sami namnoze nemají svůj business v našem oboru/prostředí. O to víc si vážím toho, že jsem sám byl schopen se Ti otevřít, přijmout Tě, cítit se osloven Tvým životním příběhem - od práce v nadnarodní korporaci jít do rizika samostatné práce, zkoušet přesvědčovat nedůvěřivce a správně mířenými otázkami a příklady jim ukazovat cestu. 

Josef Lát, spolumajitel, Beneš a Lát a.s. Poříčany

6 steps to your success




Choose type of client what fits your profile and your situation the best



Choose best time and date where we meet

To get prepared for your meeting, I would like you to answer few simple questions too



Choose package what best fits your expected needs



During FREE consultation we discuss and agree on your expectations, needs, package and payment conditions



We start working hard.

Your success is in your hands.
I will support you
as much as I can

Who turns to me

  • Senior managers

    Above all, when …

    ... they need to deal

     with complex sales

    .. they have troubles with 

    customer driven innovations

    ... sales and services stagnate

    ... vision & strategy doesn't work

    ... company doesn't grow

    … they feel a need to discuss it

  • Teams

    Above all, when …

    ... they are group

    of individuals, who can't

    work as a team

    ... they start new project

    and they don't know

    where to begin

    .. they absolutely

    need to trust each other  

  • Professionals

    Above all, when …

    … they feel overwhelmed 

    ... they have

    no one to ask

    …they have

    no one to learn from

    … their professional

    growth stagnates

    … they feel a need to discuss it

  • Other individuals

    Above all, when …

    ... they need to adapt quickly

    to the coming change
    … they don't know

    how to plan a career
    ... they are annoyed 

    with their bad habits
    ... solves something in

    family life

Who I am


My name is Martin Hurych and more than 20 years I have worked for global engineering companies, listed on stock exchanges in London ans Amsterdam - whether I worked as a regional sales rep and technical support in my early beginnings, or as a member of a global divisional board management a while later. All my professional career I specialize in complex sales, customer driven innovations, leadership and corporate trainings.

I have managed to work in many diverse countries, including Russia, China, the US, the Middle East and the rest of Asia. And Europe, of course. As a result, I have met many people and different cultures. I have learned, that there are some basic principles identical to all of us, but at the same time there is not only one truth and one way to it. I look at everyone with respect and understanding because everyone is potentially my teacher. And I like to constantly learn something new.

At the same time I like to meet new people and like to pass on my acquired life and work experience so that other people can benefit from it. My primary focus is on increasing the effectiveness of B2B sales teams, designing and implementing comprehensive sales strategies and customer-driven innovation in everyday practice. As a coach and mentor, I will help you to make starts out of "grey mouses" and build a stunning team out of those stars stars. But I will be happy to help you also with other aspects of your daily life, your business or your work team.

This is a space where I save information I found interesting. Sometime with short comments, sometimes without. Always with reference to original source. I always was storing interesting articles or piece of information I could need later.. I just store it now publicly and I hope that some of them will attract you too. But don't forget. They are just short notes. My notes!  

So far only in Czech but it might be changed soon :)

If you've come here, then ...

... you like my offer

So let's meet for a cup of good coffee

or let's have a call if you cannot make it to Prague

... you are lost

Then accept my sincerest apology..

Leave me a contact and I will get in touch
with you to discuss your interests.

Mobile:   +420 603 820 127

Skype:    hurych_martin

Email:     martin@martinhurych.com

www:     www.martinhurych.com

Reg. No.:   683 67 163

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I am not VAT registered subject

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